Tumhari Sulu

Ya I know you will be amazed by the title, but it’s an Movie title which has released this month. And it has done pretty well at boxoffice. So it’s an another movie review blog.

A fiction story which revolves around middle class family, about their struggles in everyday life. That how a housewife who failed in 12th std twice deals to achieve what she has dream in the situation where all her family members are against her or stopping her from doing her job by telling its’s a ‘low profile job’. But in all too the Sulu ( female protagonist ) lives happily in her life where she loves to take part in small small activities in which is luckily wins every contest.

So let’s start with the film, here the Should  who is played by Vidya Balan, is very confident, out-spoken, strong and self-efficient. Here firstly they shows that their financial condition is weak and she wants to earn so that their luxurious needs can be fulfilled and in that coincidentally and can say luckily she gets a job as Radio Jockey in night shift as a “Late Night show with Sulu Bhabhi” in which she has chat with peculiars, strangers and lonely souls.

In this movie it shows how society labels all the job, like if you are working in bank or hospital or in big company then it’s an high profile job but when you are working at some place you have to entertain people by talking with people in seductive voice then it’s not proper. Here another phase shows about her husband who is not very happy with his job and usually frustrated due it and he also didn’t like his wife’s job too. 

Actually this movie is so familiar with our today’s world where people spoke loudly about Women Empowerment but if it comes to them they don’t support it. I do feel that every one should watch this film.

Comment here down your opinion on this film and if you haven’t watched it yet then please go and watch it.  FIN