Changing Relationships

Hello People

After a long break I’m back. And feeling happy to writing again.

As you all had read the topic ‘Changing Relationship‘ you all might have some thoughts in your mind, and that same thing has happen with me yesterday as I was watching TED Talks on T.V. And in all I was guessing that what will all these speaker are going to say about it.

It starts will the lady specking about the harassment happened with her in her early days and due to that how her way to see the world has changed in a moment that she had never imagined of. And after that incident she used to roam in fear and constant alert that how she will protect her from any of this kind of situation and this was not only her’s story but of all the women living in this world how their way of living changed in just few minutes due to this patriarchal society where all restrictions are imposed on women but nothing is said to boys or men.

By this she conveyed the messaged that due to this type of incidents we hate ourselves and try not to fight against it or try not to give us a another chance. She told that in any of the condition we should try not to feel weak and not to end our life, Life is very precious gift given by our parents and God. She said that first we all should Love Our-self and should have faith in once and should have bond with once own conscience. And second thing she told is TRUST. It’s not just one word but the weapon by it we can conquered the happiness and life. Trust is the thing that we all should have in one-self and among’s the others too.

In this she Importantly said that how our relationships gets changed with ourselves over the period of years and the way we recognize our desires, dreams and goals in life. It’s very important to understand ourselves first and then to others.