The God Of Thunder – THOR

Hello People

As from the title you all must have been guess that I’m gonna write movie THOR. Yes so I might guess that you people are fan of Marvel movies, and recently released movie THOR : Ragnarok you might had watched. Its the third movie in series of Thor franchise, and its an amazing movie like its previous part. In this part so many new things they have include like the character HULK from Avengers, so many unexpected twist and turns. Overall great movie.

Actually its been first time I had watched any of the Marvel movies. I haven’t yet watched any of the movies like Avengers, Transformers, or even first and second part of Thor. Actually happened that I was chilling in my room in afternoon after my School and suddenly my best friend had call me that he and his sister is going at theater to watch Thor and he is inviting me, at first i said no to him as i don’t this fantasy and sci-fi films, but then he forced me to come with them and then I can’t say no to him so i had gone.

At first I was least interested in watching the film but then as the story begins I’m liking the story plot of the film and the most awesome thing is the cast, means i like the acting of all the characters but the main lead played by Chris Hemsworth “Thor” is looking so cute and handsome. And after watching this movie I’m the fan of Marvel movies and I’m gonna definitely all the movies of it.

After watching this film I was then wondering that how much effort this people have use while making this movie, means specially the writer and directors. As we see our Bollywood their is nothing like this type of movies, means only love stories and meaningless comedy movies. Why our Indian director don’t use their efforts and make this type of any movie like sci-fi, fantasy films? In bollywood what we can see every year is 60-70 % is love stories, then some will be this meaning less movies in which we have to left our brain at home while watching that movies in theater, then their will came this remake and copy movies genre in which some movies will be remake of south Indian movies ( which i hate the most ) or of old bollywood movies and some might be copy from other countries. I don’t know why their is lacking of good cinema in Bollywood.

And now in this high speed internet network people are watching web-series and web-movies and I do really like their content. I do really hope that this people might make some good movies. So that’s it for today guys, please do tell me your review on Thor movie in comments.

Thank You