The Man I LOVE !

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Hello People,

Today I,m gonna tell you about a movie, an old gay rom-com, drama movie. Its a French movie directed by Stephane Giusiti called “The Man I LOVE” and here its small summary which you will get on 

This is a combination coming out and first love story. The swimmer and diver Lucas is interested in attractive Martin. The film follows the characters’ coming out with all its difficulties, the bitter-sweet pleasures of first love and the dreadful moment when one comes down to reality and realizes that one’s beloved friend has a hard way to go yet. The positive message the film tries to transmit is the somewhat common motto “Live each day of your life as if it were your last.”

As you have read this, so you must have an idea that what this movie based on. But now let me tell my perspective, here full movie is revolve around 3 characters, in which 2 main lead are played by Jean-Michel Portal ‘Lucas’ and Marcial Di Fonzo Bo ‘Martin’. And third person who was the girlfriend of Lucas acted by Mathilde Seigner ‘lise’.

Martin was a straight forward, clingy, happy go lucky type of man and he is very   In starting only he’d proposed to Lucas and in beginning he’s character is very funny and in whole movie you will really like his character than lucas. And actually he knows that he’d very little time so he wants to have happy moments and memories. Lucas who is actually a little opposite to him, living closeted, not so extovert, but very understanding, little confused, but kind hearted man and not giving up personality type of man. At first he’s acted straight as he’s in relationship with Lise and they both loved eachother but then Lucas has started growing feelings towards Martin after he knows about the circumstances he is passing through. The two other people who played very important in this film is Martin’s Mother ‘Rose’ acted by Vittoria Scognamiglio and Lucas’s Father Jacques Hansen who is Doctor and Martin was his patient.

P.S. – I,m not giving any spoiler but from this i guess u guys had imagine that something is suspicious.

What i liked about this movie is that Lucas has understand his feeling for Martin at early only and then never gave up on him as knowing too that ain’t gonna live together forever.

I love the Character of Martin’s Mother ‘Rose’ and she truely is very supportive and sweet. I wish every Mother understand their children like her and be withstand with them no matter what. I know mother’s have soft heart for their children and do understand them but sometimes they go against them due to society’s thinking and u know…

I do really hope that You all watch this movie and plus like it too. This movie will be available on YOUTUBE, write “The Man I love 1997” and you will get whole movie.

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