Late Diwali Blog 

Hello guys, 

I know it’s been a week Diwali has gone and I haven’t post my blog that I had written past week in my diary, and sorry that I haven’t posted it early. 

First of all Happy Diwali and Happy New Year to all my Indian friends. I hope this Diwali has brings you a loads of happiness and sweets 

Being Diwali is a festival of lights and all we decorate our home, streets and shops with decorative mirchi lights, diyas, candels. We decorate our home with different showpiece and make it appear as presentable as possible. We just make our home looks like new. But what all we do wrong is understanding the term ‘festival of lights’ is burning crackers. The thing is we should try to not burn crackers on the Eve of Diwali and New Year. 

I know from childhood we have seen and understood by our parents, elders that we have to burn crackers, and it’s like we all have seen neighbors, our elders to burn crackers for all no reason. Literally till today I just do not understand the term why we burst crackers to celebrate Diwali. 

On diwali we buy new clothes, decorate home, help each other in doing different things, eat sweets, good and tasty dishes, talk with each other then why their is need of burning crackers to celebrate festival. Instead of that we can do some other great things on that time like we can play games, watch good movies, talk with each others and drink wine or anything to celebrate our happiness. 

So my request to all of u who are reading this blog, that don’t buy crackers and waste money, and instead of that use that money in helping poor people. 

Have a great day, Smile ☺…

Thank you 


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