Hello everyone! My name is Sahil and I’m a teen boy. Here I’m commencing my blogging page. First I’m nervous and second I’m excited too.. 

My short introduction, I’m from Vadodara and I guess my Indian reader would be having a slight thinking of NaMo. This is first time that I’m openly expressing my feelings, thoughts and experiences to the world. As I’m very introvert hence I do not share my daily hassels with people. 

Now about my page you all can see it’s name Daily Hassles, so ya here I’ll share my views on different things happening to me or happening around me and my experiences which you all might could relate with ur daily life hassels. I do really hope you all like my short notes on daily stuffs. Do comments too about how you feel about my blogs plus your experiences. 

For me it’s a huge step to put my views on this platform, God bless me. Thank you for reading and I’ll make sure that you will never get disappointed. 

Hence try to support me by following my page and if you like my blogs then please do press that star button, feel free to comment here I’ll wait for your comments and views. 

Thank You 


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