Finale Week BB11

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Here is the Finale Week of Bigg Boss season 11 and with our four finalist. As if you had gone through the whole season then you’ll have your favorite contestant from this season. But I’m the strong supporter of Shilpa Shinde. As if you had watched this season you too agree with me and i wish you all too vote for her.

As if you are agree with me then its the last chance to vote for deserving candidate. You all have do is just to Download Voot App from playstore (or) Go on website and their you have to go in Bigg boss section and vote for Shilpa Shinde or if you like any other contestant then you can vote for him/her.

Support Shilpa Shinde 

Changing Relationships

Hello People

After a long break I’m back. And feeling happy to writing again.

As you all had read the topic ‘Changing Relationship‘ you all might have some thoughts in your mind, and that same thing has happen with me yesterday as I was watching TED Talks on T.V. And in all I was guessing that what will all these speaker are going to say about it.

It starts will the lady specking about the harassment happened with her in her early days and due to that how her way to see the world has changed in a moment that she had never imagined of. And after that incident she used to roam in fear and constant alert that how she will protect her from any of this kind of situation and this was not only her’s story but of all the women living in this world how their way of living changed in just few minutes due to this patriarchal society where all restrictions are imposed on women but nothing is said to boys or men.

By this she conveyed the messaged that due to this type of incidents we hate ourselves and try not to fight against it or try not to give us a another chance. She told that in any of the condition we should try not to feel weak and not to end our life, Life is very precious gift given by our parents and God. She said that first we all should Love Our-self and should have faith in once and should have bond with once own conscience. And second thing she told is TRUST. It’s not just one word but the weapon by it we can conquered the happiness and life. Trust is the thing that we all should have in one-self and among’s the others too.

In this she Importantly said that how our relationships gets changed with ourselves over the period of years and the way we recognize our desires, dreams and goals in life. It’s very important to understand ourselves first and then to others.


Tumhari Sulu

Ya I know you will be amazed by the title, but it’s an Movie title which has released this month. And it has done pretty well at boxoffice. So it’s an another movie review blog.

A fiction story which revolves around middle class family, about their struggles in everyday life. That how a housewife who failed in 12th std twice deals to achieve what she has dream in the situation where all her family members are against her or stopping her from doing her job by telling its’s a ‘low profile job’. But in all too the Sulu ( female protagonist ) lives happily in her life where she loves to take part in small small activities in which is luckily wins every contest.

So let’s start with the film, here the Should  who is played by Vidya Balan, is very confident, out-spoken, strong and self-efficient. Here firstly they shows that their financial condition is weak and she wants to earn so that their luxurious needs can be fulfilled and in that coincidentally and can say luckily she gets a job as Radio Jockey in night shift as a “Late Night show with Sulu Bhabhi” in which she has chat with peculiars, strangers and lonely souls.

In this movie it shows how society labels all the job, like if you are working in bank or hospital or in big company then it’s an high profile job but when you are working at some place you have to entertain people by talking with people in seductive voice then it’s not proper. Here another phase shows about her husband who is not very happy with his job and usually frustrated due it and he also didn’t like his wife’s job too. 

Actually this movie is so familiar with our today’s world where people spoke loudly about Women Empowerment but if it comes to them they don’t support it. I do feel that every one should watch this film.

Comment here down your opinion on this film and if you haven’t watched it yet then please go and watch it.  FIN



Hello People

One of the best birthday I had this time and I want to share my day with you guys. So many surprises, gifts, and loads of wishes made me so overwhelmed and happy. As from the eve only I was really excited for the day. And the day didn’t  disappointed me.

This time so many different things happened, and people has showed so much affection towards me. Let me first talk about my family. This day first I has started my day with my eldest sister and with Bigg Boss. And then my closest cousin has called me and we had talked for almost 4 hours that night. I was suppose to go school but due to late night call I did’t wake up early. Then my normal day starts with mom and dad and my second elder sister.

As this is my last year of school and we all friends are goona be separate after this year so they had well planned about my birthday to celebrate. So amazing gifts, some are little funny and very innovative things. I did really like all of them and truely they made my day.

As one thing I learned that if we do good for others then in return surely we are getting double good things and same has happened to me. As from my past experience i don’t expect from people and when unexpectedly so many good things happened to us then that feelings is so different. So same happened this time I didn’t expected anything from friends side and when the things come I was really very happy and enjoying that moments.

In this blog I want to Thank the universe for this amazing day and experience that I’ll remember for ever.


The God Of Thunder – THOR

Hello People

As from the title you all must have been guess that I’m gonna write movie THOR. Yes so I might guess that you people are fan of Marvel movies, and recently released movie THOR : Ragnarok you might had watched. Its the third movie in series of Thor franchise, and its an amazing movie like its previous part. In this part so many new things they have include like the character HULK from Avengers, so many unexpected twist and turns. Overall great movie.

Actually its been first time I had watched any of the Marvel movies. I haven’t yet watched any of the movies like Avengers, Transformers, or even first and second part of Thor. Actually happened that I was chilling in my room in afternoon after my School and suddenly my best friend had call me that he and his sister is going at theater to watch Thor and he is inviting me, at first i said no to him as i don’t this fantasy and sci-fi films, but then he forced me to come with them and then I can’t say no to him so i had gone.

At first I was least interested in watching the film but then as the story begins I’m liking the story plot of the film and the most awesome thing is the cast, means i like the acting of all the characters but the main lead played by Chris Hemsworth “Thor” is looking so cute and handsome. And after watching this movie I’m the fan of Marvel movies and I’m gonna definitely all the movies of it.

After watching this film I was then wondering that how much effort this people have use while making this movie, means specially the writer and directors. As we see our Bollywood their is nothing like this type of movies, means only love stories and meaningless comedy movies. Why our Indian director don’t use their efforts and make this type of any movie like sci-fi, fantasy films? In bollywood what we can see every year is 60-70 % is love stories, then some will be this meaning less movies in which we have to left our brain at home while watching that movies in theater, then their will came this remake and copy movies genre in which some movies will be remake of south Indian movies ( which i hate the most ) or of old bollywood movies and some might be copy from other countries. I don’t know why their is lacking of good cinema in Bollywood.

And now in this high speed internet network people are watching web-series and web-movies and I do really like their content. I do really hope that this people might make some good movies. So that’s it for today guys, please do tell me your review on Thor movie in comments.

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The Man I LOVE !

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Hello People,

Today I,m gonna tell you about a movie, an old gay rom-com, drama movie. Its a French movie directed by Stephane Giusiti called “The Man I LOVE” and here its small summary which you will get on 

This is a combination coming out and first love story. The swimmer and diver Lucas is interested in attractive Martin. The film follows the characters’ coming out with all its difficulties, the bitter-sweet pleasures of first love and the dreadful moment when one comes down to reality and realizes that one’s beloved friend has a hard way to go yet. The positive message the film tries to transmit is the somewhat common motto “Live each day of your life as if it were your last.”

As you have read this, so you must have an idea that what this movie based on. But now let me tell my perspective, here full movie is revolve around 3 characters, in which 2 main lead are played by Jean-Michel Portal ‘Lucas’ and Marcial Di Fonzo Bo ‘Martin’. And third person who was the girlfriend of Lucas acted by Mathilde Seigner ‘lise’.

Martin was a straight forward, clingy, happy go lucky type of man and he is very   In starting only he’d proposed to Lucas and in beginning he’s character is very funny and in whole movie you will really like his character than lucas. And actually he knows that he’d very little time so he wants to have happy moments and memories. Lucas who is actually a little opposite to him, living closeted, not so extovert, but very understanding, little confused, but kind hearted man and not giving up personality type of man. At first he’s acted straight as he’s in relationship with Lise and they both loved eachother but then Lucas has started growing feelings towards Martin after he knows about the circumstances he is passing through. The two other people who played very important in this film is Martin’s Mother ‘Rose’ acted by Vittoria Scognamiglio and Lucas’s Father Jacques Hansen who is Doctor and Martin was his patient.

P.S. – I,m not giving any spoiler but from this i guess u guys had imagine that something is suspicious.

What i liked about this movie is that Lucas has understand his feeling for Martin at early only and then never gave up on him as knowing too that ain’t gonna live together forever.

I love the Character of Martin’s Mother ‘Rose’ and she truely is very supportive and sweet. I wish every Mother understand their children like her and be withstand with them no matter what. I know mother’s have soft heart for their children and do understand them but sometimes they go against them due to society’s thinking and u know…

I do really hope that You all watch this movie and plus like it too. This movie will be available on YOUTUBE, write “The Man I love 1997” and you will get whole movie.

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Late Diwali Blog 

Hello guys, 

I know it’s been a week Diwali has gone and I haven’t post my blog that I had written past week in my diary, and sorry that I haven’t posted it early. 

First of all Happy Diwali and Happy New Year to all my Indian friends. I hope this Diwali has brings you a loads of happiness and sweets 

Being Diwali is a festival of lights and all we decorate our home, streets and shops with decorative mirchi lights, diyas, candels. We decorate our home with different showpiece and make it appear as presentable as possible. We just make our home looks like new. But what all we do wrong is understanding the term ‘festival of lights’ is burning crackers. The thing is we should try to not burn crackers on the Eve of Diwali and New Year. 

I know from childhood we have seen and understood by our parents, elders that we have to burn crackers, and it’s like we all have seen neighbors, our elders to burn crackers for all no reason. Literally till today I just do not understand the term why we burst crackers to celebrate Diwali. 

On diwali we buy new clothes, decorate home, help each other in doing different things, eat sweets, good and tasty dishes, talk with each other then why their is need of burning crackers to celebrate festival. Instead of that we can do some other great things on that time like we can play games, watch good movies, talk with each others and drink wine or anything to celebrate our happiness. 

So my request to all of u who are reading this blog, that don’t buy crackers and waste money, and instead of that use that money in helping poor people. 

Have a great day, Smile ☺…

Thank you 


Hello everyone! My name is Sahil and I’m a teen boy. Here I’m commencing my blogging page. First I’m nervous and second I’m excited too.. 

My short introduction, I’m from Vadodara and I guess my Indian reader would be having a slight thinking of NaMo. This is first time that I’m openly expressing my feelings, thoughts and experiences to the world. As I’m very introvert hence I do not share my daily hassels with people. 

Now about my page you all can see it’s name Daily Hassles, so ya here I’ll share my views on different things happening to me or happening around me and my experiences which you all might could relate with ur daily life hassels. I do really hope you all like my short notes on daily stuffs. Do comments too about how you feel about my blogs plus your experiences. 

For me it’s a huge step to put my views on this platform, God bless me. Thank you for reading and I’ll make sure that you will never get disappointed. 

Hence try to support me by following my page and if you like my blogs then please do press that star button, feel free to comment here I’ll wait for your comments and views. 

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